/ Mold, Fungus, Bacteria, and Virus Removal & Sterilization.
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Head Office in Portland Oregon

4949 S. Macadam Ave. #101 Portland, Oregon 97239

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Looking for a quality and affordable builder for your next project?

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    Head Office in Portland Oregon

    4949 S. Macadam Ave. #101 Portland, Oregon 97239

    Request a Quote

    Looking for a quality and affordable builder for your next project?

    * Please Fill Required Fields *

    Call Us Today!

    (503) 782-5200

    Working Hours

    We are happy to meet you during our working hours. Please make an appointment.

    Free Air Test with Service Call

    Pure Maintenance of Lake Oswego, Oregon offers free mold inspections and consultations.

    Do you suspect you have mold in your home or office? Don’t hold off on finding out. Waiting too long to get rid of mold can lead to allergy attacks and other serious health problems.
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      Mold Testing and Allergies

      We do a thorough investigation and inspection revealing moisture traps.

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      Mold Removal and Fogging

      Rescom Restoration provides mold removal from homes and businesses.

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      Water Damage Repair

      We can return any home to the state it was in before the damage occurred.

    Pure Maintenance provides complimentary mold inspections and consults for all of the Lake Oswego and surrounding regions in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

    Do you think you have mold in your home or workplace? Don’t hold off on knowing. Waiting too long to get rid of mold can result in allergy attacks and other serious health issues.
    You may think mold is present for a variety of good reasons. One thing is for sure, you do not want to ignore it! If you know water damage has actually taken place or you or your family members are experiencing unusual health concerns, if you see any suspicious development like substances on any surfaces within your home you need to call Pure Maintenance immediately for your complimentary consultation! Mold can be in your home in high levels however may be undetected to the naked eye.
    ** 1 Free Air Test with Service Call ($50 Value) **

    (mention this promo during scheduling to redeem)

    What's Involved In An Inspection?

    We understand your time is important. That’s why we take pride in providing you a great deal of value during your complimentary evaluation.
    • Find recognizable and not so recognizable causes of your mold issues, take an opportunity to take a look at and evaluate each location of concern with a expert.
    • Learn about the complexity of mold. Have knowledge of what triggers mold and how to help avoid it from returning after Pure Maintenance sanitizes your whole environment.
    • Learn about the probable undetected health risks involved with having mold growing in your home or organization. Understand how mold can impact people with mold allergies from toxic mold exposure.
    • Discuss advised next steps if mold is present. We offer an in depth assessment and search for the dampness contributors so we can eliminate them. By the time we’re done, you will have a far better understanding about mold, how complex it is, how to eliminate it and a solid estimate and strategy of attack to get rid of it once and for all.

    How We Inspect

    We’ll take a extensive look at your office or home during your property inspection, including entering into your attic and crawl spaces to evaluate locations that you may not have actually spotted. Our expert team understands where mold conceals and will search for apparent and not so apparent potential contributors to your mold issues. We search for common building issues which lead to much higher humidity in homes which can develop the best environment for mold to grow.

    What If You Find Mold?

    If we visibly locate mold, we recommend conserving time and money invested in mold screening and move directly to mold remediation. If we can’t visibly locate the existence of mold, we can check air samples for mold. We can take these and can send them out for screening for an additional added fee.
    After the assessment is completed, our helpful mold remediation specialists will help you through remediation solutions to help you make the very best option for your home or business.
    Pure Maintenance provides mold assessment and screening for house owners, rental residential or commercial properties, home buyers and sellers, realty agents, and company owner.

    Why Pick Demolition-Free Mold Remediation

    More Reliable– Utilizing a trademarked dry fogging innovation, Pure Maintenance can fill the entire volume of space within a property with an EPA authorized sterilant that gets rid of bacteria, virus, and mold from surfaces and denatures spores that are air-borne, in furnishings, fabrics, in the air ducts, and on all surfaces. The process is so efficient, we guarantee our results. The air in your home will be safer and much healthier than ever by the time we are done.
    More Economical– Because of the brand-new innovation created by Pure Maintenance, we can do work quicker and without the unneeded expenses of performing so much demo leaving the need and expense of repair. This savings is transferred to you the customer. Our dry fogging reduces the very expensive labor process in hand cleansing all loose items and wiping down all hard surfaces with a liquid anti-microbial inside the home. Pure Maintenance offers free inspections and quotes. Our rates are usually less than half of that of our rivals and thousands of dollars cheaper than entire home classic manual home sterilizations.
    Faster– Old remediation approaches can take weeks to get mold levels back to healthy levels in a single room, not to mention the rest of the home. These remediation’s usually add up to tens of countless dollars. As soon as that process is over, you start the painstaking labor of restoring whatever that was removed. With dry fog technology, once the location is dry the whole issue can be taken care of within a hours instead of days and weeks.
    Less Invasive– Rather than quarantining off a section of your home and having professionals strolling in and out for weeks, Pure Maintenance will just back their truck up, bring a couple of} small nozzles connected to air lines into the office or home and a few hours later on your home will be free of any toxic mold or pathogens.

    Mold Types: Allergenic, Pathogenic and Toxigenic


    Molds that trigger and produce allergies and allergic reactions such as asthma attacks


    Molds that trigger health issue in those suffering from an acute health problem.


    Molds that produce toxic substances that can result in dangerous and even fatal health conditions. This is sometimes referred to as "toxic mold."

    Our Dry Fog System

    dry fog

    Dry Fog

    Small droplets bounce off from surfaces creating a vapor or fog. The vapor and gas that is created during this process, actually expands forcing this gas into every nook and cranny, behind and under furniture, permeating porous items like carpet and fabric furniture. creating an inescapable lethal   environment for mold and bacteria. 
    wet fog

    Wet Fog or Ozone

    The bigger droplets burst and create damp surfaces, like rain. The bigger particle size also produces spaces in molecular coverage and leaves a residue.
    Dry-fogging allows us to disinfect every part of a home and all the items in it. Our treatment method eats away the outer membrane of mold spores from every corner of your building. Our dry fog sanitizes carpets, furnishings, upholstery, cabinets, toys, electronics and more. Anywhere mold spores can travel and settle our fog will reach and eliminate.
    Our dry fog also deals with the whole hvac furnace and system by sending it through the duct during treatment. It efficiently sanitizes walls, floorings, and ceilings, virtually every surface of your home. If you have any location that has a history of floods however is currently dry and the issue has actually been repaired such as bellow a window or maybe a shower that dripped at one time, we can actually pump our fog into wall bays to reach locations instead of eliminating sheetrock or building materials.

    We break down mold– not walls!

    Kill mold and keep your walls in 1 piece with dry-fogging

    The primary issue? Traditional mold remediation hasn’t changed much in thirty years. It requires containment, removal and treatment of the primary location affected.  Unfortunately, a lot of contractors and yes even “professionals” do not follow through with good work standards. These old standards do not require nor can most people afford to have their whole home hand wiped down and every item cleaned up of mold spores so they just focus on the contained location where the main incident occurred. We understand that if you have an active mold colony flourishing in your home for any period of time, you wind up getting mold spores throughout your home. This is the actual issue. People in general associate with mold on a visual level. The issue boils down to the complexity of mold. Mold spores for example are microscopic! They are comparable in size to bacteria. Now in their spore state, there can be thousands if not millions of mold spores that may lay inactive for years just bouncing along in the dust in your home behind and under furnishings, in your HEATING AND COOLING, and specifically in your carpet! All invisible to the naked eye.
    In most cases, there will be no requirement for any demolition within the structure. Our process leaves you with mold-free air, gets rid of mold spores on contact and puts an end to the spread of mold in your home or office.

    Some Additional Benefits Are:

    • 100% non-toxic procedure

    • Single-day job for most applications

    • Environmentally Safe

    • Demolition-free in most cases

    • Always effective

    • EPA Registered

    • Affordable

    • Guaranteed to kill mold

    Home Air Quality Testing

    You may not see it however your body may show indications of mold in the air. Mold spores are microscopic, comparable to the size of bacteria. But even if you do not see mold, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and can be in high quantities and still be visually undetected. | Just due to the fact that you do not see mold, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and can be in high quantities and still be visually undetected. If you are dealing with any mysterious allergy symptoms, breathing issues, even skin rashes. Having mysterious health concerns may be a indication you need to begin down the road to see if mold exposure could be the issue.
    Every mold treatment ought to start with a extensive visual assessment. If no visible indications are detected then getting your air quality tested is your next action.  Air quality readings supply insight into the seriousness of your mold issue. The goal with each of our treatments is to ensure air quality that is totally free of dangerous mold spores. After we have actually dealt with the whole home, we can carry out a follow-up air quality test upon request. We want to leave every job understanding that your home and everyone in it is more at ease understanding we have actually totally sanitized whatever and it is not continuing to cause a health threat.
    Contact Pure Maintenance of Lake Oswego, Oregon for a complete air quality check.

    Our Mold Screening Process

    All of our mold examination is evaluated by a nationally known independent third-party laboratory. We ensure the results you get are totally unbiased and will not result in unneeded mold treatment. Here’s how our examination process works:
    1. Mold samples are taken
    Depending on which tests you decide are applicable, we carry out tests and get you the final results back within a few days to 2 weeks. If you suspect mold however it isn’t yet visible, an air test will figure out if mold spores exist. Contact swab screening is useful for mold that shows up. These tests are sent for an EMMA assessment which takes a bit longer to process however tries to find a wide array of harmful molds in addition to try to find 15 of the worst mycotoxins. Either test will verify the existence or absence of mold in your home, provide you an idea of amounts however also provide you an indicator of what kinds of mold we’re dealing with.
    2. Off-site analysis
    The samples are sent out to nationally known labs for examination. Due to the fact that mold spores are mere microns throughout, they’ll require to be checked out under a microscopic lense or broken down through a DNA assessment. The laboratory will be able to figure out the kind of mold and the degree of its development. Off-site analysis generally takes 3-4 business days for air test however up to 2 weeks for the DNA EMMA evaluations.
    3. Results and next steps
    As soon as we get the screening results back, we email them directly to our customers and after that call them to review what everything means over the phone. Depending on the results of the screening, we’ll figure out a strategy to take and develop an estimate for remediation if need be. We regularly do our very best to search for the cause of the moisture. If the source has actually been identified, we’ll start the steps to ensure it’s remedied and after that treated. If it wasn’t quickly identifiable, we may advise much deeper investigation looking for an underlying moisture problem that hasn’t revealed its ugly head yet.

    What To Anticipate During Testing

    Free visual evaluation and consultation:
    When you schedule a completely free visual evaluation and consultation with us, we take a look at and assess any visual mold concerns in the home. We use a moisture meter to assess if any building materials are currently damp. Furthermore, we peek in the attic and crawl space for any common issues that contribute to moisture in homes resulting in mold. Furthermore, we answer any concerns and educate our customers on how complex mold problems can be.
    Air testing service call:
    This includes 4 air tests. We take 75L samples of air through a cartridge with a calibrated machine in various parts of your home. Then, we send out all tests off to be assessed through a 3rd party laboratory. We usually get the results within 3-4 days (we can also hurry and have results within 24 hrs for additional cost; at which point we email the results directly from the lab and review them verbally with the client to interpret the results.
    There is a $350 service call charge for first 4 tests. We always sample outdoor air to provide us a baseline of mold levels in the area. We advise evaluating the attic and crawlspace as those locations are out of sight and mind however typically have humidity problems and is generally where mold can take a foothold and gradually contaminate the rest of the home. Please keep in mind each additional test is $50 and for the average home 5-8 tests are advised depending on the size of home and how extensive each client wishes to be.
    EMMA screening:
    We also offer an EMMA test. This takes a swab or dust sample of visible mold along with standard dust. It is assessed through a process where they break things down to develop the DNA of the molds in the sample and compare these results with a nation wide data base to give you an idea on what level your home rates as compared to other moldy homes. These tests are extremely handy when dealing with a Dr trying to figure out the cause of your exposure after getting mold toxicity screening. These are a bit more costly at $500 per test and also take a bit longer as processing times can run anywhere from 5 to ten days.


    Pure Maintenance offers the very best mold remediation guarantees in all of the Lake Oswego  Area– any treatment carried out through Pure Maintenance will include a 100% free re treatment 90 Day warranty along with a comprehensive lifetime warranty that stays with the home. If any toxic molds end up being present in the location we dealt with or the overall mold levels are not at healthy levels as compared to the outside within the first 90 days,  Pure Maintenance will return and re-treat the location totally free. After the first 90 days are up, you continue to get a significant discount on any future mold treatments no matter what the cause. Even if you have an completely brand-new dampness problem, up to one year after your preliminary 90 days are up, you get a 60% discount for any retreatments for the next twelve months, then 50% at 2 years, 40% and so on each year after until you reach 20% discount forever. This warranty sticks with the home and is transferable to any new buyers. Please give us a call for specifics and additional details about our guarantees.

    Eliminate mold once and for all!

    If you have actually looked after the moisture issue that’s caused the mold development in your home or office, our dry fog mold remediation is the perfect alternative to remediate all the remaining spores from your home. Along with sterilizing everything, we also encapsulate everything with our long-term preventative. With the source of the dampness stopped, the materials dry, our system swiftly enters and sanitizes all mold spores from the air and surfaces.
    After we’re done, we can ensure the mold levels of your home or business are back to healthy levels with no harmful molds so there’s no chance at a return. (Additional testing costs may apply) If you’re wanting to put your mold issue to an end, call Pure Maintenance right now.

    Don't hesitate and lets get started! Contact us for a free inspection on your next home or business mold removal and remediation project.

    Call Today At: (503) 461-1006

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